Heath and lifestyle benefits of electronic cigarettes

By using vapour instead of smoke, you can enjoy electronic cigarettes without inhaling any of the tar, ash and carbon monoxide that accompany normal tobacco use. Carcinogens specific to tobacco are avoided as the vapour contains only nicotine, and the damage to the respiratory system caused by habitually inhaling hot smoke is avoided. Your taste buds won’t diminish, your teeth won’t stain and your lungs won’t be clogged and enflamed by tar.
The standard ingredients for the “e-liquid” used to produce the vapour are water, food grade flavourings, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerol and nicotine.

No smoke also means no second hand smoke. Friends, loved ones, children and pets can all enjoy your company without any risk of inadvertent health problems. Electronic cigarettes can safely be used in public, whether you’re on transport, in a restaurant or at work.

If you’re trying to stop smoking, e-cigarettes can be a great way to control your nicotine consumption while keeping to the habits and behaviour you’re used to. The nicotine in the ‘e-liquid’ is available at various doses, so you can start high and slowly reduce your dependence.

Beyond the health risks, the main complication of smoking is the unpleasant smell of tobacco that contaminates your clothes, breath and home. You may not notice it yourself, but for non-smokers it can be a real turn-off.
The vapour released by e-cigarettes is odourless, so the only way anyone would even know you had been using one is if they saw you. This means no more having to change clothes, chew gum and cover yourself in deodorant or perfume. You’ll be more pleasant to be around, and healthier at the same time.

Having your lungs clear also lets you stay active. Using e-cigarettes won’t have you coughing your lungs out after a run for the bus, so you’ll be able to stay fit and enjoy physical activities like anyone else.
Best of all, e-cigarettes are entirely safe to use in public or at work – though people will no doubt be fooled by their appearance. The days of having to choose between staying in the warmth of indoors and standing out in the rain for a smoke can be permanently put behind you.

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